Making your school website highly visible on search engines should be a priority for every school. If your school website hasn’t been optimised with the right keywords no matter how nice your site may look, parents and pupils just won’t find you. 

How does Seo work?

Search engines scour the web every day gathering information about web pages in a vast database. When someone uses a search engine to look for a school, whether yours appears near the top of the search results depends on the information you've provided them. To ensure your school website appears near the top, your site needs to be optimised with key terms that parents and pupils will be searching on. 

As part of our website builds we offer SEO support, teaching you how to optimise your school website from day one. 

Content Marketing and SEO

Content Marketing is an essential component of any school’s marketing plan; it’s a large proportion of how you communicate with parents, both current and prospective. So with that importance being placed upon it, it’s worth getting it right! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's results section. Therefore as you can probably see, the two are intrinsically linked insomuch as you want the content you are creating to be SEO friendly so that it shows up in search results and your school gains exposure. Whilst we wouldn’t advise you to write and create content for the sole focus of SEO benefits, (your audience’s user journey should be your number 1 priority for your school website) we do endorse the idea of you considering the SEO effects when you produce your school’s online content. Combining the two can really benefit your school’s exposure.


Whilst a few years ago, keywords may have been the defining factor in your content’s search rankings, thanks to Google’s realisation about audience demands, the quality of your content is now what has the biggest effect on a page’s SEO ranking. The reason for this is simple; from an SEO perspective, original and engaging content will set you apart from competing schools, as it gives the search engines something to index that can’t be found elsewhere. Therefore although keywords are important to your school’s SEO (as we will discuss later in the article) it is now more important to create quality content that is of value to your parents and pupils than simply content stuffed with keywords they will search for.


Evergreen substance is content which will keep on being applicable to your crowd over a drawn out stretch of time, for example, your school's arrangements, instead of a bit of news (for instance an up and coming open day) which, whilst exceptionally significant in the short term, will rapidly lose its importance down the line. Making evergreen substance is a decent methodology for expanding your pursuit rankings in light of the fact that a more helpful article that contains profitable guidance and understanding will pull in the sorts of connections and engagement measurements that Google is searching for, and will probably perform well in the hunt rankings over a more drawn out timeframe.


Whilst the nature of your substance is of the highest significance, you ought to likewise guarantee that it gets the presentation it without a doubt merits. All things considered, there's no point investing energy making an awesome bit of substance if forthcoming guardians and understudies aren't going to see it. It's essential that you arrange particular catchphrases and expressions that are RELEVANT to your article and your school's group of onlookers. This is finished by coordinating your substance to the inquiry terms that your crowd are utilizing and by ensuring your bit of substance effectively answers those pursuit terms.


Features are vital as they are the primary thing your school's gathering of people sees and are what helps them recognize the substance of your article. They ought to be clear and ought to endeavor to persuade guardians and understudies to click. For instance, a title, for example, "7 motivations to pick our school for your youngster" is fine, the length of those reasons are valuable and convey on the guarantee. Notwithstanding, "7 reasons our school will promise your tyke goes to Oxbridge" may guarantee more that it can convey. You have to consider the catchphrases and expressions you use in features. How do individuals hunt down these themes and what would you like to rank for? The nature of the substance is terrifically critical and ought not be traded off by SEO objectives, but rather it is flawlessly conceivable to compose actually while satisfying the SEO objectives. SEO is interlaced in the production of your school's advanced substance, from its quality and the sort of substance it is, through to the watchwords, features and connections inside your articles. In this manner upgrading your substance for SEO will just expand your school's online nearness, yet it ought not be your essential thought when you make and convey content.