Does Your School Need An App?

Schools, from elementary to university, are starting to get in on the app trend, giving students, teachers, parents and administrators an easier way to stay in touch. As Linda Erdos, spokesperson for Arlington, VA public schools, says, apps are “the next generation” of communication between parents, students and schools. But what do school apps really need in order to work for everyone who uses them? We’ve put together following list we consider developing a mobile app for schools.
Mobile apps have been designed and developed in collaboration with teachers, staff, students and parents in response to the growing and ongoing digital communication needs of school communities. We develops the apps like schools deliver information directly to parents and students on their mobile devices providing instant access to events, news, assessment notifications, sport updates, newsletters, school travel information and much more while staying connected and communicate even during school holidays.

Push message technology

Push messages are one-way notifications sent via smartphones. You don't reply to push messages, they are simply a secure and reliable means for schools to communicate with parents and students. Offers you the best communication option during an emergency when phone lines, and other means of communication, may be tied up.

cheduled push messages

Provides the ability to schedule push messages in advance for specific events or recurring activities.

Manage Subscriber Lists for all channels

Administrative groups can share information with select parent/students, or other administrators quickly and easily.

Administrative audit of messages

District and School Administrators can view a record of all push notifications sent by teachers, club sponsors and coaches for secure tracking.

Important everyday information

Now schools can give parents the information they want via their smartphone. That way parents stay in the loop and get the information that is important to them. Schools control the content, parents choose the content they wish to receive. From classwork updates to sports scheduling, lunch menus, scores and event updates, EduHouse Solution delivers important everyday information for any school in your district – all in one solution app.

Easy to Use & Set Up

It’s fast to set up and simple for your schools to use. The app integrates seamlessly with existing school systems and is available for both iPhone and Android. You get unlimited messaging capabilities to reach your entire community, including push notification, text and email.